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Manuals/guides translation

We would be more than happy to assist you with translating any business document from/to more than 50 languages. We work with contracts, booklets, websites, presentations, press-releases, financial documents, manuals, guides, etc.

Simply let us know what country/region the translation is meant for and when you need it completed.

We'll choose the best translator for this specific job and will deliver the translation formatted closely to the original document.

  • A team of translators is assembled for orders of 20 pages and more
  • We don't charge extra for rush orders
  • To get a free quote simply fill out the form or email us the document
  • You are also welcome to come over to our office and order in person

Process and procedure

All our ongoing translation projects are performed on an as-needed basis. We adapt to the client's needs and assemble teams with the specific aim of making them flexible in terms of load. Our business process is designed in such a way that we can quickly hire additional translators from across Canada to meet the client’s increasing needs.

In order to make projects go smoothly, we utilize professional project management software. This ensures that no files go missing and that no projects miss their deadlines. We also use Dropbox, Google Drive, and other file sharing services in order to exchange large files in an easy and secure way.


In most cases business translations do not need to be certified. It doesn't reflect the quality of translation

We charge such orders on a per word basis. The price depends on the source/target languages, amount of text, time frame, file format, and so forth. The average is $0.10-0.20 per word. There is a minimum of $59 per translation. We transcribe audio recordings from $1 per minute. Voice-over and desktop publishing services (DTP) are always available.

Clients may place an online order by simply filling out an Order online form or by emailing us the document to be translated.

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